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Finding inspiration in the past, present and future of Lowry Hill

Ryan Sadeghi, Project Manager, talks about the process involved in taking 35 Groveland Terrace from concept to breathtaking reality.

As an account director at a major architectural firm in Minneapolis, Ryan Sadeghi has spearheaded many projects, but none quite as personal as 35 Groveland Terrace.

“You could say I was born for this one,” Ryan jokes, having grown up in the 1905 house that used to stand on the site. But a few years ago, Ryan’s family decided it was time to start an exciting new chapter.

“We wanted to share this special location and all the great experiences it offered us with three other families,” he says. “My parents envisioned a boutique, four-unit condominium they could live in that plays off the surrounding architecture and the history of Lowry Hill.”

Ryan partnered with PKA Architecture to bring that vision to life, embracing a contemporary design aesthetic while simultaneously using timeless materials—limestone, steel and wood—that give a nod to the historic neighborhood.

“From a design standpoint, we wanted to make sure every unit shared the same view,” Ryan says. “We started there and worked back.”

“The view is just stunning,” says Julie Sadeghi, Ryan’s mom. “Your front yard is the Sculpture Garden. You have the Minneapolis skyline as a backdrop. You can’t beat that.”

Thinking outside the box, even underground

The team faced more than a few creative challenges along the way. Ryan says, “One of the first involved designing something that not only fit on the site, but also worked from an engineering standpoint with the slope of the hill and the sandy soil.”

“We wanted to be respectful of the neighbors and not use a pile driver when it was time to build a retaining wall,” says Nate Basinger, Construction Project Manager at Nor-Son. “We explored a range of creative options before landing on the solution of low vibration drilling, which allowed us place steel posts deep into the ground and fill them with concrete, with minimal disruption.”

Ryan adds, “It was a large engineering feat, and a fine-tuned process with some of the best architects, designers and engineers in town.”

“You’ll see that same level of excellence everywhere you look,” Julie says. “There are things integrated into each unit that aren’t normally seen in condos, starting from the garage up. Each unit has two private underground garage stalls with a door, an optional charging station for electric vehicles, and generous storage units. All the appliances, finishes and lighting fixtures in the units are top-notch. We haven’t skimped on anything.”

“Every creative decision was made with a vested interest in creating a unique legacy building,” Ryan says. “I want people to step into their home and feel like this where they want to spend time with family and friends, and cherish those moments. Each unit is designed to be an inviting, open, livable space. The scale is comfortable, not crowded. It feels like you’re in a single-family home with all of the amenities of luxury condo living at its best.”

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