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Creating a timeless “wow factor” in a stunning new condominium

Chad Larsen of Berg Larsen Group shares a few of the insights that inspired the spectacular design of 35 Groveland Terrace.

It all began with a simple email.

Chad recalls, “In March of 2021, Ryan Sadeghi, Account Director at a local architecture fim, reached out to us about a four-unit condominium project on Lowry Hill he was spearheading for the owners, who happened to be his parents.”

Ryan had just received preliminary approval from the city and was in the early stages of assembling an award-winning team of architects, designers and builders. The last piece of the puzzle involved finding a partner he could count on for expertise in ensuring the stunning work of art and architecture they were creating would appeal to the right audience of discerning potential buyers.

It's no surprise Berg Larsen Group was at the top of the list. As premier Realtors in upper-bracket homes and condos in the Twin Cities, and a Top Team in all of Coldwell Banker’s North American offices, Berg Larsen sets the standard in going above and beyond for clients.

“Everyone knows the mantra in real estate is ‘location, location, location,’” Chad says, “but there’s something just as important in selling a high-end condo. I call it the wow factor. It’s that wow that draws you in and makes you excited to come home every day. It can be any number of things—the stunning view, the chef’s kitchen, the heated balcony, the exclusive rooftop deck—35 Groveland Terrace has more wows per square foot than you can imagine.”

Chad’s team looked for every opportunity to surprise and delight their audience, advising on floor plans, material choices, design decisions and pricing. One unexpected wow owners will enjoy is their own private two-car garage space. “You can be as neat or as cluttered as you like without upsetting your neighbor,” Chad says, smiling.

Each unit in 35 Groveland Terrace has been thoughtfully designed to be big enough to accommodate guests, with plenty of storage for everything from suitcases and sports gear to holiday decorations, but it doesn’t feel cavernous or cold. “You can live comfortably here,” Chad says. “The scale and configuration create a sense of neighborliness. You really feel like you’re part of a community.”

Perhaps the biggest wow of them all, and the one that still strikes Chad every time he steps off a private elevator into any of the four units, is the spectacular view across the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden to the sparkling city skyline, beautifully framed by floor-to-ceiling windows running wall to wall.

“The views are simply breathtaking,” he says. “If they don’t make you say WOW, I don’t know what will.”

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